GWCTV News Ep. 2 – Nikon 1 AW1 & LD-1000 LED light, Full Frame Sony NEX Rumor

In this episode of Guys With Cameras TV (GWCTV) News, Ed Lau (@edlau) and Mike Zahora (@michaelzahora) talk about some of the latest camera news and announcements from Nikon and talk about the rumored full frame Sony NEX camera.

Show notes:

The Nikon 1 AW1 – the world’s first rugged, waterproof mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Hopefully more camera manufacturers will announce their own rugged, shockproof and waterproof interchangeable lens cameras.

Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light compact LED light for Nikon 1 system and Coolpix cameras and it costs $100. Really Nikon? a hundred bucks! We think it’s a little bit too much.

And finally we discuss the rumored full frame Sony NEX camera. We hope its coming sooner than later.